Welcome to Ningbo Marketing


Ningbo Marketing is importers, distributors and wholesale dealers of Power Tools, Engineering Tools, Workshop equipments, carpentry tools and General Hardware. We are supplying our products to constructions, petroleum, natural gas, aerospace, shipbuilding, coal, chemicals, automobile manufacturing and various other industries.

Ningbo Marketing offers a diverse but integrated range of tools to various industry sectors, government organizations and private sector including multi national companies. We believe an organization equals the people associate with it. The legacy of innovative thinking and researching is the foundation of operations of Ningbo Marketing.

We strive to accomplish our objectives to bring greater effulgence in the future and to reach the pinnacle of success. Ningbo Marketing was established in 1998 and has grown steadily in its business activities during the past. By supplying our products, we have maintained a leading position in the country through innovation, quality and flexibility. Ningbo is dedicated to offering customers the best equipment and tools including range of precision machine tools including Machinery, Lubrication Equipments, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools, General Hardware & Engineering Tools etc. We work with leading organizations across the country. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We play critical role in providing quality products and however, we consider this role is a privilege and we know it requires constant vigilance unrelenting commitment and make changes to accomplish the expectations of our valued customers. We go the extra mile to satisfy our customers with dedication and commitment.

We are well equipped with powerful integrated technologies and have a team of professionals. We have state-of-the art ultra modern equipment, high-tech communication faculties leading to expedition of the entire process. To put into its context, all our professional staff has experience and realize the job requirement completely and appreciate that it is the exact individual who form the backbone of any commercial organization.